What is the best time to visit Bologna

Are you planning a trip to Bologna?

Bologna, one of the most important cities in Italy is located in the center of the country, lying right above Florence and below Venice. The weather in Bologna is a humid temperate climate where summers are hot and damp while winters are cold and chilly.

The best time to visit Bologna is during spring and autumn when the weather is not too old from the winter and neither is it too hot in the summer, with the pleasant wind at all times, making it the perfect time to see this beautiful city.

Browse through our list of the seasons in Bologna, to choose the right time for your vacation to this wonderful city.

Spring (March-May)

The spring season is cold and reels from the cold winter; however from mid-April onwards, temperatures start to rise. The city sees an average low temperature of 15°C during the night time and an average high of 22°C during the day.

In March, the weather is unpredictable and there are some cold days and some warmer, but not significantly.

However, from April onwards it starts to get warmer, and finally in May spring fully sets in bringing an array of vibrant flowers in nature and cool winds all of this makes spring one of the best times to visit the city of Bologna.

Summer (June-August)

Due to the humid temperate climate, summers in Bologna are humid and quite hot. The city sees a good amount of sunlight throughout the day with temperatures during the daytime going up to a maximum of 38°C and a low of 29°C at night.

These temperatures are pretty high, which makes the region quite humid as well. Since Bologna is not close to the sea, temperatures rise as heat is trapped within the city.

In the summertime, once the sun sets, locals, as well as tourists, come out to relax and get some fresh air. Sometimes you may even see rain in this region during this season which makes the region a little cooler than it is.

Autumn (September-November)

Autumn is another great season to visit the city of Bologna due to the pleasant weather that it experiences.

The humid heat of summer starts to rest a bit with the onset of autumn and by mid-September, temperatures start to fall from 28°C during the day to 18°C at the night, gradually getting ready for the cold winter.

Autumn is the rainiest season, with rains starting in mid-October or November. The first few months of autumn are a good time to visit as it is quite pleasant and the heat is bearable. This season brings beautiful colors to nature and looks absolutely picturesque.

Winter (December-February)

Winters in Bologna are extreme and very cold, with a good amount of snowfall throughout the season.

The months of November and December see the formation of a lot of fog, making visibility in the city low. Temperatures during this season range from 5°C in the daytime to subzero levels in the nighttime.

During the months of January and February, the temperatures drastically drop down even further and the city may even see temperatures of -10°C or even -15°C on some extreme winters.

During this season, there isn’t much of a breeze blowing and it seems like the climate is still most of the time. This is not the best season to visit but can be visited if you like the cold.

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